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Africa Is Our Home

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Africa is a vital region with some of the fastest growing economies in the world

a continent of thousands of languages and cultures

over a billion vibrant and innovative people

home to some of the world’s most iconic species

unparalleled eco-diversity

the potential for sustainable and inclusive growth is enormous

The decisions we make today, and in the coming decades, shape our planet’s future

consider our culture and lifestyle choices, what we buy and what we eat

consider the energy we use to power our homes and the materials we use to build them

consider how we plan our cities and towns, transport and travel

we can build a more efficient and sustainable future

we can ensure that our social, economic, and environmental impact is positive

climate-smart agriculture and food security

skills development and employment

sustainable finance solutions

new technology and innovation

renewable energy power sources

net zero carbon emissions

Standard Bank Group is committed to balancing the challenges posed by climate change with the need to support economic growth and poverty alleviation

Africa is our home, we drive her growth.

This is our future.